Steve behind his drumkit

About Steve

First of all, thank you for visiting this website!

My name is Steve and on this page I would like to share some personal details about my life and how I came into contact with the drum virus.

It was the year 1972 when I watched Mies Bouwman’s TV program One of the eight on a saturday evening in which The Osmond Brothers performed live with their hit Crazy Horses. I was nine years old.

That live performance inspired me to want to play drums myself, so I gathered some empty buckets, pressed them into the pillows on my bed, and borrowed a few wooden ladles from my mom’s kitchen.

Those ladles were my first pair of drum sticks. My passion for drumming was born!

At that time I started listening to pop music (I became a fan of The Sweet) and tried to recreate the different rhythms I heard.

So that’s how it all started for me and more than 50 years later I’m still passionate about everything that has to do with drumming: music, artists, equipment, education and the latest developments.

From buckets and ladles to electronic drums and percussion and virtual drum sets. I got to experience it all.

On this website I will share more about the early days of my drumming and how I managed to develop myself even without my own drum kit!

Have fun drumming!