How to Choose a Used Drum Set: Play Drums like A Pro

Now that you have finally chosen to learn how to play the drums and become the next Ringo Starr or Alex Van Halen, you need to remember that before you can start jamming with your friends in your garage and producing your first single, you need to have a drum set first.

Besides, banging an empty garbage can with the lid as the cymbal, and using your mom’s wooden spoon as drum sticks will not really sound great on tape, not to mention that the ears of the people within hearing range will be complaining.

However, what if you really don’t have the money to purchase a new drum set? You have to consider the fact that brand new drum sets can really be expensive. And, in some cases, the cymbals that are included are not really that great in terms of quality.

If you really want to buy your own drum set but you still don’t have the money for a brand new one, you might want to consider buying a used drum set. You’d be surprised as to how many people are willing to give up a perfectly good drum set for a very low price.

In most cases, these people are parents whose kids have gone to college or moved out who are looking to turn the basement in to a home entertainment room.

In some cases, the sellers may be musicians who are looking to upgrade their drum set. Either way, you will see that they will be able to offer you great prices for their drum set.

However, it is still important to be cautious. Even if the drum set looks good, you still need to make sure that the drum set you plan on buying is of good quality and is in perfect working condition, which includes the hardware, such as the cymbal stands and the drum seat as well as the pedals.

It is important to make sure that you play it before you purchase it. A lot of cheap drum sets may look really good but after trying them out, it won’t really sound as good as it looks.

You will also want to inspect the drum set with a friend who has experience with drums. By doing so, you will be able to use their expertise in order to make sure that the drum set you plan on buying is in good condition and that all the hardware pieces are still there.

If this is your first time to purchase a drum set, remember to keep it simple. A large drum set may be tempting for you to buy but you need to remember that as a beginner, you won’t need a lot of drums and cymbals. Go for the cheaper and more basic set up. Once you gain more experience and you know what you want in your music, you can start adding more accessories to the set.

When buying drum sets, always remember that brands are everything. Always go for well known brands, such as Pearl and Ludwig.

These are the things that you should look for in a used drum set. By keeping these things in mind, you can be sure that you will be able to get the perfect drum set for you to jam with your friends.

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